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madman101 wrote in computer_castle
* For info on LJ privacy invader "outboundlink", go to my post and be sure to hit the first link there:

* Read this, regarding a SERIOUS trojan/worm-HACKER problem, and then follow the links:    "im here for the purpose of fighting an undetectable with all the whistles smart bot with a hacker attached... so far, it takes over your drive aka master boot record 1 of 2 in sector zero and copys itself mulitple hidden partitions in all your drives, when i scan deply, i get around 40 per drive.  it also takes a section of your memory and cloaks itself and allows the hacker to do what it wants. sorry to say, but i see them go in and out of every site from a to z through the dns servers.. they seem to mess with HASH and IE cookies. i still cant stop it, and for me, the most sites that come up are comcast, mci, ripe, apnic, and lately more phone sites. ya, my phone is rerouting also. here is a recent list of what brought me here."

* My post on roving Korean IPs and the CONFICKER WORM:

* A full discussion of these IPs (mainly/48):

* A good follow-up on major trojan and hacker problem via


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