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LJ CDN switcheroo
madman101 wrote in computer_castle

i was right - see 2 recent posts re: panthercdn (Panther Express) - (content delivery) ((you can get the NETCRAFT TOOLBAR via a url there)) in CDNET - ("")- spammers, steal info

my blocking them might have been what stopped my massive non-LJ hits - (but now LJ doesn't work right for me - but i'm also blocking cdn 174.35.32.* - CDNETworks)

barito - they might have screwed up your browser

UPDATE: My slightly informed hunch is that CDNs are highly hackable. Individuals can ride their IP's in and try to hack your computer, especially while you are writing and then posting a post to LJ, Wordpress, and similar - via a "cross-programme" code - prolly sqlite script. (They might also need to have a personal computer IP resembling your own, if you do block a lot of others, otherwise they can't get past your FW). Having done this, they can implant worms which beacon and/or let in further hackers, or they can simply notify their bosses/spammers as to how they can hack you and/or implant worms. Then comes a rush of powerful IPs, usually from China.


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